China aspires to rise higher not by stepping on others: Secretary Locsin

“Today, State Councilor Wang and I discussed how to bring our countries closer to together in a unity of purpose that advances only what each one seeks best for itself yet also for the other’s advantage,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin said at the joint press briefing with State Councilor and Foreign Affairs Minister Wang Yi after their bilateral meeting on March 20 in Beijing, China.

He said that the Philippines “wants to see much to hope for, and nothing to fear from the rise of a new power. And along with it a new world where the ambition of one to rise higher and get richer is best advanced by helping others to rise and prosper in tandem with her.”

“This was why I wrote that preamble to our Memorandum of Understanding on the Belt and Road Initiative that no other country in history but the new China has aspired to rise higher, not by stepping on others, but by helping them rise alongside her,” he added.

“Through mutual respect and true sincerity, State Councilor Wang and I will continue to deepen Philippines-China relations, and do our share in securing a peaceful and prosperous future for the Filipino and Chinese peoples in the new better world that cries to be created. Most of the pieces are ready; the best hearts and minds on both sides are poised to put them in place. Let’s do it now,” he said.

Secretary Locsin is leading a high level Philippine delegation to China for President Duterte’s flagship “Build, Build, Build” and China-led Belt and Road Initiative.