Cayetano willing to resign if PHL lost territory under Duterte admin

Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano said he is willing to leave his post and will never seek for any government position if proven that the Philippines lost a piece of territory to China under the Duterte administration.

“I challenge anyone of them. Whatever their professions are — justice, politician, newsman, journalist — if we lost a single island during Duterte’s time, I will pack my bags, go home and I will not serve the public in any elected or appointed position,” Cayetano said during the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) flag-raising ceremony on May 28.

“Are you willing to face this administration, and show us which island feature or inch, square-inch we lost during Duterte’s time? I’m willing to show you what we lost in the last administration,” Cayetano added.

Cayetano made the statement after a column entitled “How many islands does Phl still have?” written by Federico D. Pascual Jr. was published in Philippine Star.

“The smart answer to the question: How many islands comprise the Philippines? used to be: Depends on whether it’s low or high tide. Not anymore – now the cautious reply is: Before or after Duterte?” Pascual wrote.