Cabinet members support President Duterte’s foreign policy: Panelo

“Nope, all the members of the Cabinet support the President on his foreign policy,” Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo said when asked by to comment on Senator Ping Lacson’s claim that there are Cabinet members who are against the abrogation of Visiting Forces Agreement with United States.

Senator Lacson said during a press briefing on February 27, “we talked to several Cabinet members, I won’t mention at baka malasin pa. But they are actually against the abrogation [of Visiting Forces Agreement], at least pag kami-kami lang, di sila nag-hesitate magsabi na mali ang decision to abrogate because we have not prepared for it.”

“Maraming takot kay Presidente. Nag-e-express sila pero lagi sila nananantsa ba, na kung how to bring it to his attention, how to dissuade him from proceeding sa abrogation. And sa tingin lang mukhang made up ang mind ni PRRD. But there are times na medyo parang lumalambot. But that’s where we are right now,” he added.

Lacson also noted that “ang mga nakausap namin halos unanimous sila magsabi, not really against, but meron silang apprehensions and reservations sa pag-abrogate. Wala pa akong nakausap na all-out in supporting PRRD to abrogate.”

“At the very least may reservations; may apprehension sila sa pag-abrogate,” he added.