Bulgaria’s Arsenal JSCo submits queries on Squad Rocket Launcher Light acquisition for PHL Marines

Arsenal JSCo, Bulgaria has submitted several inquiries and recommendations regarding the Department of National Defense/Armed Forces of the Philippines (DND/AFP)’s Squad Rocket Launcher Light (SRLL) and the Required Ammunition Acquisition Project of the Philippine Navy (Marines) under the AFP Modernization Program.

Among the recommendations made by Arsenal JSCo, Bulgaria is the inclusion of 30 units monocular night vision scope that could be attached to optical sights for the SRLL to be night fighting capable without changing the approved budget for contract (ABC).

DND said that anything above the minimum requirements is an option of the supplier but should be at no cost to the government.

The project has an ABC of PHP514,800,000.00. It involves 702 units SRLL; anti-personnel (14,040), anti-tank (8,424), and thermobaric (351) grenades. Practice ammunition (21,061) and training devices (40) are also included. Bid opening for the acquisition project will be on August 27.

S&S Enterprises, Inc. also submitted queries regarding the said acquisition project.

The DND/AFP replied to the queries in a supplemental bid bulletin (SBB NR DND-PN-SRLL-19-01).

“The procurement of (702) units of Rocket Launcher Light will fill-up the gap and raise the readiness rating of the Philippine Marine Corps in terms of firepower,” says in the bidding documents released by DND.

“This will not only enhance the operational capability of the Corps in the pursuit of Internal Security Operations but will also fulfill its tasks in the Territorial Defense Operations and Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response Operations to accomplish its mission,” it adds.