BRP Ramon Alcaraz sails with Bruneian, Vietnamese navies’ ships en route to AUMX 2019

Philippine Navy’s (PN) patrol ship, BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PS16) participated in a trilateral sail with Royal Brunei Navy (RBN) Darussalam-class offshore patrol vessel, KDB Darulaman (OPV-08) and Vietnam People’s Navy (VPN) Pohang-class HQ-18 as they make their way to participate in the first ASEAN-US Maritime Exercise (AUMX) 2019 in the Gulf of Thailand.

BRP ALCARAZ initially met with KDB Darulaman at the vicinity off Kingston Shoal, Brunei on 02 September before they sailed together to meet HQ-18 in
Hon Khoai, Vietnam in the designated rendezvous area.

Series of drills and exercise were conducted while enroute to the exercise area. The three navy vessels will form as one of the combined task group where the PN will be the designated task group commander.

Captain Hilarion Cesista, the Naval Task Group 80.5 Commander led the PN contingent for this maritime exercise. AUMX 2019 was formally opened yesterday, September 02 at Pattaya, Thailand.

It aims to improve ability to sense and share information, test and validate ASEAN’s existing information sharing networks and communications interoperability, improve interoperability among ASEAN and U.S. maritime forces in order to counter threats in the maritime domain. NAVY.MIL.PH