BRP Ramon Alcaraz joins sea phase of ‘Kakadu’ naval exercises

BRP Ramon Alcaraz (FF-16) has successfully participated in the sea phase of this year’s “Kakadu” exercises, which took place off the waters of northern Australia.

This was bared by Naval Task Force-91 public affairs officer Lt. Maria Christina A. Roxas in a statement Wednesday.

“As the sea phase of the Exercise Kakadu started, series of training and evolution were conducted for a week in the Northern Australian Territory waters,” Roxas said.

“In this phase, the exercise was grouped into multilateral forces that will conduct a realistic scenario to prove the level of interoperability for all participating navies,” she added.

Surface units were divided into two task groups, with BRP Ramon Alcaraz joining Australia’s HMAS Melbourne and HMAS Sirius, Indonesia’s KRI Diponegoro and Sri Lanka’s SLNS Sindurala.

Procedures on different warship formations and maneuvers were conducted to rehearse the effectiveness of the group to work closely together for the war game, Roxas said. Evolutions and drills in this phase are real-based scenario events. After fleet training exercises, a free play will be conducted together with the other participating surface units.

A naval war game between two forces will happen for two days.

“Kakadu” is a biennial exercise hosted by the Royal Australian Navy that provides a venue to work together with regional partners in a multinational training environment to enable interoperability in maritime and air domains and strengthen the regional ties.

This year’s exercise started Aug. 31 and will end on September 15.