BRP Ramon Alcaraz, BRP Davao del Sur en route to Oman

BRP Ramon Alcaraz (PS16) and BRP Davao del Sur (LD602) are now en route to Muscat, Oman after a three-day stop in Sri Lanka, the Philippine Navy said.

The two Philippine Navy vessels left Sri Lanka on January 29 with Naval Task Force 82 headed by Marine Colonel Noel S. Beleran tasked to help repatriate Filipinos from the Middle East.

Colonel Beleran said that the visit in Sri Lanka is a milestone for Philippine Navu.

“This bridges the friendship and camaraderie between the two navies as it further strengthen the relationship between the government of the Philippines and Sri Lanka,” the Navy said.

“This mission is part of the PN support in the AFP Joint Task Force 82 Pagpauli in the repatriation effort of the government for our OFW in the Middle East,” the Navy noted.