BRP Magat Salamat, BRP Miguel Malvar set to be decommissioned

Philippine Navy Malvar-class patrol vessels BRP Magat Salamat (PS20) and BRP Miguel Malvar (PS19) are set to be decommissioned, the Philippine Navy’s Philippine Fleet Offshore Combat Force said.

“BRP MAGAT SALAMAT (PS20), along with her sister ship BRP MIGUEL MALVAR (PS19), is projected to be decommissioned after her 45 years of fruitful active service in the Philippine Navy,” the Offshore Combat Force said in a statement.

Decommissioning of the two will bring all Malvar-class patrol vessels to retirement.

“They will be the last offshore patrol vessels for decommissioning as part of the Phase In/Phase Out Program of the Philippine Navy,” Offshore Combat Force noted.

“We need our legacy ships to be decommissioned as they are now too old and costly to maintain and operate. Phasing out these ships will devote more resources to our newly-acquired ships and newer ships to be procured in the next years,” it explained.