BRP Gregorio Del Pilar to be fitted with gun systems

The lead ship of Philippine Navy’s Del Pilar-class frigates, BRP Gregorio Del Pilar (FF-15) will be installed with two 25mm gun systems while undergoing repair after its grounding at Hasa-Hasa (Half-Moon) Shoal last August 29.

Philippine Navy spokesperson Commander Jonathan Zata confirmed on November 5 that the said warship will be undergoing communications, weapons, and fire control upgrades while undergoing repairs to maximize its down-time.

“Del Pilar is still undergoing bottom hull repairs and will be undocked as soon as repairs have been completed. Propellers and related underwater appendages will be shipped to the US for repairs. While awaiting the completion of those repairs, she will undergo communications and weapon and fire control upgrades in order to optimize her down-time period,” Zata said.

MaxDefense Philippines previously confirmed that the Philippine Navy is already in possession of two Mk.38 Mod.2 25mm gun systems for BRP Gregorio Del Pilar. MaxDefense added that it expects the installation to happen now that the ship is still offline.

“Also, there is an impending project with the US Department of Defense wherein Lockheed Martin will perform site maintenance (equipment changes, repairs and overhaul, and engineering services), inventory control, diminishing material source efforts, and program management for the Mk.92 fire control radar, which is the main FCR of the Del Pilar-class frigates. This is not just for the Philippines but also for some other US allies as well that uses the Mk.92 FCR like Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, and Nigeria. The US might be using the opportunity that the ship is offline to conduct this work to improve the Mk.92 to keep up with the times,” MaxDefense said.