BRP Gabriela Silang set for another relief transport mission

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG)’s BRP Gabriela Silang (OPV-8301) is once again conducting a relief transport mission for communities affected by Typhoon Rolly.

DOTR/PCG photo

“Today, the BRP Gabriela Silang (OPV-8301) of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) will set sail for another relief transport mission in Catanduanes,” the Department of Transportation (DOTr) said citing information from PCG chief Admiral George V. Ursabia, Jr..

DOTr said a total of 74 tons of assorted relief goods have been loaded to the ship, at the Pier 15, South Harbor Manila on November 8 consisting of : 7,500 boxes of DSWD food packs, 21,200 bottles of mineral water (220 ml/bottle), 100 sacks of rice (50 kls/sacks, 13 sacks of rice (c/o LGU Bato Catanduanes.

“To ensure the safe and secure transport of these supplies and goods to our kababayans, the ship will first take shelter in Bacolod due to the prevailing weather disturbance affecting the whole region of Bicol,” DOTr said.

“The ship will proceed to Catanduanes as soon as the weather clears. Bon voyage once more, BRP Gabriela Silang! The nation prays for your safe journey, so that you can continue being a vital link in our disaster management and relief operations,” DOTr said.