BRP Davao del Sur welcomed in SoKor, to escort BRP Condrado Yap home

The Philippine Navy’s Tarlac-class landing platform dock BRP Davao del Sur (LD-602) was welcomed at Naval Base Pier in South Korea on August 2 after its participation in the Russian Navy Day Celebration in Vladivostok, Russia.

Philippine Navy photo

According to the Philippine Navy, BRP Davao del Sur with aboard Naval Task Group 80.5 was welcomed by Republic of Korea Navy (ROKN) representatives headed by Captain Min Hyeong Hong, ROKN 81 Squadron Commanding Officer.

The said ship will be escorting home BRP Condrado Yap (PS39), former Pohang-class corvette donated by South Korea.

“LD602 is tasked to escort home the newly acquired BRP Condrado Yap (PS39) after its hand-over, commissioning and send-off ceremony on 05 August 2019 to be attended by the Philippines and ROK senior officials,” the Philippine Navy said.

The Philippine Navy said “this undertaking highlights the desire of the PN to leverage its capability of becoming stronger and more credible naval force that the Philippines can be proud of.”

“It further underscores the deepening and dynamic relationship between the PN and ROKN that diplomatic clearance for BRP Davao Del Sur to visit Jinhae Naval Base was approved even on such a short notice,” it added.