BRP Bacolod City celebrates over 2 decades of Navy service

BRP Bacolod City (LC550), a Logistic Support Vessel (LSV) of the Philippine Navy, has celebrated its two and half decades of Navy service.


As LSV, BRP Bacolod City supports the transport capability of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for military operations and develop economic trust of the government.

“BRP Bacolod City was born and launched on April 01, 1993, in which four Officers and 26 Enlisted Personnel sailing crew brought her from Mississippi and arrived to the Philippines of the same year over a 54-day voyage,” the Philippine Fleet said.

“She was named in recognition of the economic progress attained by Bacolod City and was commissioned in the Philippine Navy (PN) on December 03, 1993 under the Service Force now named Sealift Amphibious Force (SAF),” it added.

Among the notable missions of BRP Bacolod City are Territorial Defense, Security and Stability Operations through the conduct of Marine Patrols, Joint Military Exercises, and Rotations and Re-provisions of security personnel in the island detachments in Kalayaan Group of Island, West Philippine Sea; Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Operations during onslaught of Super Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban last 2013; and in Force Level Command, control and support operations to ensure readiness in all missions such as her designation as an alternate Presidential Ship during former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s Tubbataha Reef’s visit.

“With its great contribution to our maritime nation, BRP Bacolod City was given plaque of merit for having been adjudged as service ship of the year in 2010, plaque of recognition for being the transport ship of the year in 2016. This year she was given plaque of appreciation for its successful conduct of various sealift operations under operational control of Fleet-Marine Ready Force which immensely contributed to the accomplishment of the command’s mission,” Philippine Fleet said.