BRP Andres Bonifacio back at sea, mission ready

The Philippine Navy’s BRP Andres Bonifacio (PS17) is now back at sea and is mission ready after it completed its Drydocking and Other Related Repairs (DDORR) at Subic Zambales on July 31 and Maintenance Availability Program from August 1 to 16.

According to PS17 information unit the ship successfully conducted its sea trial and 30-hour endurance run activities on August 25 which paved the way to upgrade its operational status to “mission-ready”.

“The deliberate implementation of PS17’s DDORR program is vital to ensure the highest level of equipment reliability in order to sustain maximum operational readiness, safety, and ship survivability,” it noted.

“The ship also received minor capability enhancements such as the Replenishment at Sea (RAS) capability, installation of MK38 25MM Machine Gun System, installation of new gun mounts, and additional tertiary guns to name a few. These initiatives are in line with the thrust of the Philippine Fleet to improve PS17’s overall readiness in the “Move, Shoot, Survive, and Communicate” capabilities,” it added.

BRP Andres Bonifacio will soon be patrolling the country’s territorial waters, exclusive economic zoneĀ (EEZ), and other maritime areas of interest in support to the missions and objectives of the Offshore Combat Force, Philippine Fleet, Naval Operating Forces, and the Philippine Navy in general.