BrahMos offers land-based anti-ship missile to PHL Marines

BrahMos Aerospace is offering the Philippine Navy/Philippine Marine Corps its land-based anti-ship missile.

According to MaxDefense Philippines, officials of BrahMos visited the Philippines lately “to explain further their proposal to use the Brahmos land-based anti-ship missile for the Philippine Marine Corps’ Shore-Based Anti-Ship Missile System (SBASMS) acquisition project” through a workshop.

However, MaxDefense noted that the SBASMS acquisition project for the Marines is proposed in the second list of Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization Program Second Horizon.

“Based on defense documents of Horizon 2 phase obtained by MaxDefense, the PMC’s proposed SBASMS acquisition project, the plan is to acquire around 7 batteries of land-based anti-ship missile systems that can be transported by truck, with a proposed working budget of Php18,900,000,000.00, subject to changes as necessary,” MaxDefense noted.

This means that Philippine Marines’ SBASMS acquisition project is still subject to approval and is not included in the AFP Modernization Program Horizon 2 approved priority list worth around PHP300 billion.