BrahMos Aerospace officials visit Philippine Marines

BrahMos Aerospace officials, led by its CEO and Managing Director Dr. Sudhir Kumar Mishra, met with Philippine Marine Corps (PMC) officials, led by its commandant Major General Ariel R. Caculitan on January 29.

PMC photo

The BrahMos Aerospace officials were joined by Ms. Manisha Swami, First Secretary (Political) of the Embassy of India in Manila.

“The official visit aimed to further strengthen the relationship between the BrahMos Aerospace and PMC, particularly with the newly activated PMC Coastal Defense Regiment,” the Philippine Marines said.

The Marines noted that Brahmos Aerospace is the proponent of the Shore Based Anti-Ship Missile System (SBASMS) for the PMC Coastal Defense “designed to protect our shores, ships, and amphibious task forces against an invading enemy and to improve our littoral capabilities in support of our naval operations.”

Major General Caculitan highlighted during the meeting that coastal defense is one of the major capabilities that the Marines are focusing on as an integral part of the Philippine Navy’s Active Archipelagic Defense Strategy.