‘Blind loyalty’ to 1 person will turn senate into expensive ‘rubber stamp’: Lacson

Senator Ping Lacson said in a Twitter post that vote on Senate Resolution No. 337, asking the Supreme Court to rule whether or not the Senate must concur in the abrogation of a treaty that was previously concurred in by the upper chamber, “is not about loyalty to one person but what our conscience dictates is good for our people.”

He also said that not voting for the good of the people, as dictated by conscience, will turn lawmakers into “expensive rubber stamp that our people regularly subsidize out of their hard earned taxpayers’ money.”

“When we cast our vote on any matter under deliberation, we should be dictated only by our own conscience and what we honestly think is good for our country, and the institution where we belong – and not because of blind loyalty to any person or party. While loyalty is a virtue, blind loyalty is simply just that – blind,” Lacson said in a statement.

“Otherwise, we can no longer be the Senate of the people that we are supposed to be, but an expensive “rubber stamp” that our taxpayers have to sustain out of their hard-earned tax money,” he reiterated.