Biden creates Pentagon task force on China

United States President Joe Biden has announced the formation of a Department of Defense (DOD) China Task Force which aims “to provide a baseline assessment of department policies, programs and processes in regard to the challenge China poses,” the Pentagon said.

The task force, which will be led by Ely Ratner a special assistant to Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, has four months to develop recommendations for senior defense leaders.

“The initial period of the task force will be an assessment, where the members of the team will be spanning out across the department, doing a little bit of a listening tour to hear what the various components are identifying is their top initiatives, top priorities and challenges,” Ratner said.

“Then it’ll be incumbent upon the task force to distill those down to a discrete set of top priorities, and spend a period of time trying to identify what are the right mechanisms to address, review and implement various areas,” he added.

The Pentagon said “defense officials called the task force a “sprint effort” that will examine high-priority topics including strategy, operational concepts, technology and force structure, force posture and force management and intelligence.”

“The task force will also examine U.S. alliances and partnerships and their impact on Sino-American relations and DOD relations with China,” it added.