Herbert Bautista serves in COVID-19 frontline as reserve brigade commanding general

Former Quezon City (QC) mayor Herbert Bautista is currently serving his former constituents in a different capacity.

Bautista, in Instagram posts, said he is serving QC as commanding general of 1502nd Infantry Brigade (Ready Reserve) under 15th Infantry Division (Ready Reserve), Philippine Army Reserve Command. The said unit is also known as QC Ready Reserve Brigade.

“Blessed to be serving as the Commanding General of the 1502nd Ready Reserve IB PH Army for my beloved city. Our team has been doing round the clock inspection of borders to ensure the safety of the city and also distributing goods to our constituents who are in need. We are helping to the best way we can and we appreciate your support in every way. Please continue to Stay Home for the safety not just of our city but most especially our families,” he said in one post.

In another post, Bautista said he was “at the Command Conference with QCPD Director Ronnie Montejo and the team at Camp Karingal.”

“The group together with other civilian volunteers tirelessly working nonstop to make sure all security details are taken care of and that our limited resources and manpower are maximized in order to protect thousands of others under quarantine in our city. My utmost respect to our Security Frontliners, GOOD JOB everyone,” the former QC mayor added.