Ayala Corporation donating AstraZeneca vaccines to government

The Ayala Corporation has ordered vaccines from AstraZeneca which will be donated to the Philippine government, Ayala Corporation Vice Chairman Fernando Zobel de Ayala said January 4 in press briefing with Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque.

“Thanks to the help of General Galvez and Vince Dizon and the leadership also of Joey Concepcion and the private sector, we’ve decided to order 450,000 vaccines of AstraZeneca. So the total donation that we will be giving to government will be about 120 million pesos,” Fernando Zobel de Ayala said.

He noted that the 50% will be given “for individuals that the government selects and 50% will be given back to the private sector so that we can also provide the vaccine for the people who need it.”

“The total cost as I have understood it is five dollars 50 centavos, with the 50 centavos being for the logistical requirements to bring it in. But in addition to that, Secretary Harry, I wanted to mention that along with Secretary Galvez and Secretary Dizon, we’re also helping with the distribution which is going to be a very important component in making sure that the vaccines can get to the public, this is a critical component and as you know, each of the vaccines, whether it’s AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, Novavax or Sinovax have their own peculiar requirements for distribution,” he added.