Army welcomes new Scout Rangers, snipers

The Philippine Army welcomed a new batch of Scout Rangers and snipers in a Joint Closing Ceremony of Scout Ranger Course Class 206-2018 and Scout Sniper Course Class 25-2018 at Camp Tecson, San Miguel Bulacan, Wednesday, February 13, 2019.

Brig. Gen. William N. Gonzales, Commander of the First Scout Ranger Regiment, Philippine Army, presided the joint closing ceremony. Commanding General Philippine Army Lt. Gen. Alberto S. Macairog with the guest speaker Police Director General Oscar D. Albayalde led the pinning of Scout Ranger and Scout Sniper Badges to the graduates.

The 129 new Scout Rangers from the Philippine Army is composed of 58 students from the First Scout Ranger Regiment (FSSR), four from the Special Forces Regiment (Airborne) (SFRA), 14 from the Light Reaction Regiment, four from the AFP Special Operations Command, and 49 from various Infantry Divisions.

The 21 new snipers includes 15 from the FSRR, one from the SFRA and five form various Infantry Divisions.In addition to the class of SR 206-2018, the Philippine Air Force has one graduate while the Philippine National Police has 16, bringing the total number of graduates to 146.

The students from the SR 206-2018 class underwent 10 months and one day of training while those from the SS 25-2018 class went on seven months and three.

The CGPA, in his speech at the FSRR, stressed to the members of the regiment to maintain the highest standard of discipline. “Fight the way we trained and train the way we fight,” he added.

The event emphasizes the success of Philippine Army’s objectives in producing an agile force. Making highly disciplined rangers and snipers that stands for the Army’s core values of honor, patriotism and duty, the graduates set out to serve the country and secure the land. Philippine Army