Army seeks awareness on plight of former soldiers fighting war shock


Philippine Army commanding general Lieutenant General Gilbert Gapay has extended condolences to the family of Winston Ragos. The Army chief also seeks for better awareness on situation of former soldiers who are experiencing war shock.

“The Philippine Army is saddened over the loss of its former soldier, Corporal Winston A. Ragos, who died in a shooting incident last Tuesday, April 21 in Quezon City. We sincerely condole with his family for this unfortunate event,” Lieutenant General Gapay said.

“In January 2017, Ragos was given a complete disability discharge from his military service, complete with pension and other assistance, after being diagnosed with a mental disorder (PTSD),” Gapay said.

“To a soldier, the wounds of war are not just physical but also mental and their scars are not always visible,” he added.

“The Philippine Army seeks awareness on the plight of former soldiers struggling with mental problems. Even though they are no longer soldiers, they continue fighting a silent and lifelong battle,” the Army chief said.