Army Reserve Command Training School showcases capabilities

The Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM) Training School showcases its war-fighting facilities and capabilities with the Army Chief Lt. Gen. Macairog S. Alberto as the Guest of Honor at the ARESCOM Headquarters at Camp Region de Dios, Tanza, Cavite today, June 20, 2019.


Said event was part of a three-day Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (ROTC) forum which aims to set a standard and monitoring system for the proper implementation of all Reservists and Retirees Affairs (RRA) training. Students, pre-deployment trainee students, drillmaster training students, and ARESCOM personnel took part in the demonstration.

The demonstration was divided into a five-part activity and was presented in each of its respective stations.

The school also showed how mortars are used as well as its other firearms, all-terrain vehicles and student driver vehicles.

The Reserve Force provides a base expansion for the regular force in the event of war, invasion, and rebellion and renders Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief during calamities. It also assists in socio-economic development initiatives, including protection to government facilities and vital installations.

The ARESCOM has also extended its training to public and private organizations that ought to train their members on disaster response and security operations. It even serves as a venue for team building activities that promotes discipline, service, and unity.

“The Army Reserve Component is a significant sector in nation building, thus we recognize their contributions alongside our regular forces in promoting peace and development. They are our silent partners in ensuring that we have a pool of volunteers who will respond especially in national emergencies,” said Alberto. PHILIPPINE ARMY