Army Reserve Battalion conducts first-ever Mobilization Exercise

A battalion of Army reservists took part in the first Philippine Military Reserve Component’s Mobilization Exercise (MobEx) at Camp O’ Donnel Capaz, Tarlac during the four weekends of October.

In a culmination and demonstration capability held today, 416 reservists showcased the potential and operational capability of a Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion in support to the Army’s regular force “in the event of war, invasion, or rebellion” as stated in the Republic Act. No. 7077 or the Citizen Armed Forces of the Philippines Reservist Act.

“As part of our transformational initiatives, this mobilization exercise is a significant step for the Philippine Army to further strengthen the war fighting capabilities and organizational readiness of the Reserve Units,” said Guest of Honor and Speaker Army Commanding General Lt. Gen. Macairog S. Alberto.

During the 8-day exercise, participating members from the 303rd Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion (303rd RRIBn), 3rd Regional Community Defense Group (3rd RCDG), Army Reserve Command (ARESCOM) were given lectures and practical training that covered three phases namely: Mission Planning Exercise, Command Post Exercise, and the Combat Support Operations and Stability Support Operations.

The MobEx was conducted during weekends to generate maximum participation of military reservists who are mostly regular employees in government and private business establishments. As reservists, they are expected to play support roles to the regular forces such as securing civilians and local government infrastructures.

“All of us here are volunteers and as volunteers, we need to be skilled and knowledgeable in what contribution we shall give to our country and to our people,” said Army reservist and Commanding Officer of the 303rd Ready Reserve Infantry Battalion, Lt. Col. Honorio M. Soriano Jr. as he shared his insights for the exercise.

The Army aims to conduct the MobEx at least three times a year starting 2020 and provide training to the members of its 82 Ready Reserve Battalions.

“We are seeking the best. Always instill the lessons you have learned, the advices given to you, and the experiences you have acquired. Remember your purpose and mission – contribute to our goal of developing a mobilizable Reserve Force with increased readiness condition and empowered capabilities that are equal to that of our regular force and actively be responsive to rapidly-evolving security threats,” said Alberto. PHILIPPINE ARMY