Army reaffirms allegiance oath during 122nd anniversary

Personnel of the Philippine Army all over the country reaffirmed their oath of allegiance to the flag during the Army-wide simultaneous flag raising ceremony on Friday, Mar. 22, 2019. Officers, enlisted personnel and civilian employees all over the country gathered in their respective units to commemorate 122 years of selfless service.

“The accomplishments of the Philippine Army units in the field have been made possible by the continuing growth and development of our organization under the Army Transformation Roadmap and the forward plans that have been put in place,” said Army chief Lt. Gen. Macairog S. Alberto in a speech to the officers and men during the ceremony at the Army headquarters.

“As our organization celebrates another year of remarkable service, we look back with pride at our achievements for the past 122 years and look forward to more success in the coming years. Let us continue to serve the people and secure our land with integrity and professionalism as we sustain the momentum to become a world-class Philippine Army that is the source of national pride,” he added. Philippine Army