Army pushing for armed recon helicopters, medium lift helicopters, special missions aircraft

The Philippine Army has said that it is pushing for additional mission essential equipment to develop Army Aviation “Hiraya” Regiment capability of supporting combined operations through the acquisition of Armed Reconnaissance Helicopters, Medium Lift Multi-purpose Helicopters, and Special Mission Aircrafts.

The Army made the statement as it receives BO 105 Rotorcraft helicopter donated by Manny V. Pangilinan of MVP Group of Companies on January 7.

“We have always been supportive of government endeavors, particularly in times of need. The nationwide presence of our businesses enables us to mobilize resources throughout the country and provide us with the means to augment the Government’s facilities to respond effectively to disasters and calamities,” Pangilinan said.

The Army said the helicopter will be used for developing the regiment’s Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief efforts; air ambulance capability; reconnaissance operation; and maritime patrols over its area of responsibility.

“It will also serve as an interim helicopter to train Army aviators and enhance PA’s overall capabilities to find, fix and finish enemies of the state,” the Army said.