Army prioritizing development of aviation capability

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief-of-Staff General Gilbert Gapay said on September 2 during his confirmation hearing before the Commission on Appointments that among the priority capabilities that the Army is developing is aviation capability.

“Mr Chair, your honor the aviation capability or the aviation component of the Philippine Army is one of the priority capability which the Army is developing, by doctrine it is an integral part of the Brigade Combat Team (BCT),” General Gapay said.

He noted that a BCT is a small highly deployable formation of the Philippine Army which we can project anywhere in the country and it needs to be backed up by an aviation unit.

Gapay added that “because of revolution in the military affairs brought about by technology, the battle does not only confine on land. We have other dimensions, we have to consider the airspace above it, of course the cyber dimension. So as the battlefield becomes more complicated and intricate, the more we need capabilities such as aviation unit for the Philippine Army.”

He said that this is the reason why upgrading the aviation capability is part of Army modernization program.

“In fact Mr. Chair, your honor, right now the Army Aviation Regiment is in full swing in training rotary-wing pilots,” he said adding that this is in preparation for delivery of modern equipment coming from modernization pipeline,” General Gapay said.