Army opens 8000 slots for aspiring soldiers

The Philippine Army has opened 8,000 slots for those who are aspiring to serve the country under the army service. “This year, it is projected that there will be about 8,000 slots open for those who would like be part of the Army as soldiers,” Army Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Louie Villanueva said on February 8.

Lieutenant Colonel Villanueva said they have set up recruitment centers in three major areas including Cagayan De Oro City, Cebu City, and Fort Bonifacio in Taguig City.

He said the Army has an “ongoing activation of 10 additional Army infantry battalions, which aims to further strengthen the Philippine Army’s capability to be more responsive in addressing the various threats, particularly terrorism that besets the country.”

“Most number of new recruits will fill up the Army infantry, cavalry (armored) and artillery units. There are also recruits who filled up the engineer, communication, logistics, and other administrative functions of the Army,” he said.

“The continuous recruitment of the Philippine Army is a good opportunity for our youth to discover a new dimension on how to better serve and show their love for our country,” he explained. “There may be lots of vocation, occupation and profession waiting around, but joining the noblest profession, particularly the Army, is something different and worthwhile.”