Army mechanized division getting new tanks, wheeled armored carriers

Philippine Army Mechanized Infantry Division (MID) will be getting new tanks and wheeled armored personnel carriers (APCs) under the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Modernization Program Horizon 2.

According to Maxdefense, the tank acquisition involves the acquisition of a battalion of at least 44 units of tanks or tank destroyers with an approved budget for contract (ABC) of PHP 9,484,332,000.00.

“One platform will be tracked and can be considered as a light or medium tank, while the other platform is wheeled 8×8 armored vehicle that appears to be similar to a mobile gun system or a tank destroyer,” MaxDefense said. “The tank gun will be at least a 105mm caliber capable of being used against other tanks and armored vehicles, soft and hardened structures, and bunkers.”

“[Wheeled APC acquisition project] involves the acquisition of around 28 units of new wheeled armored personnel carriers, possibly a 6×6, with an ABC of Php 2,265,200,000.00, and will become the initial acquisition of new wheeled APCs in the future,” MaxDefense added.

During the 12th Activation Anniversary celebration of MID on September 20, President Duterte announced that the mechanized division will be getting PHP13 billion worth of projects under the Horizon 2 of AFP Modernization.

“I am certain that these projects, which are already in the pipeline, will address the gaps in our defenses as we further strengthen our Armed Forces,” he said.

MaxDefense also said that projects for MID include M113 armored vehicles upgrade to armored mortar carriers (PHP1,094,570,175.00), M113 APC Firepower Upgrade Project (PHP288,000,000.00), and Tank Gunnery Simulator Acquisition Project (PHP36,200,000.00).

More details for these acquisitions and upgrades are available at