Army dons ranks to new Reserve Officers

Six newly-commissioned Reserve Officers of the Philippine Army were donned with their new ranks Friday, February 08, 2019 at Fort Bonifacio.

Army photo

The new reserve officers are Lt. Col. Sherwin T. Gacthalian (Senator, Chairperson of the Senate committees on Economic Affairs and Energy), Lt. Col. Anthony M. Bravo (Representative, Coop-Natcco party list), Lt. Col. Roel A. Sacho (Chief Policy Development and Planning Division, Department of Science and Technology), Lt. Col. Dindo Jose P. De Viterbo (Project Officer IV, Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office), Lt. Col. Joseph Ross S. Jocson (President Allen Packaging System Corporation), Lt. Col.   Ricardo J. Gamboa (Vice President, Development Academy of the Philippines), and Maj. Joseph B Encaco, (Assistant Secretary, Presidential Management Staff, Malacanang Palace).

The donning of ranks in the military symbolizes the conferment of the authority and responsibility. The ceremony also formalize the inception of the new officers to the reserve component of the Philippine Army as they took their oath to serve in the defense of our country and people.

The commissioning of the six officers is timely as it is in line with the priority thrust of the Philippine Army which is to develop a capable and mobilizable reserve force as part of the Total Force Concept.

The Total Force Concept highlights the importance of developing, integrating and sustaining the Reserve Force parallel to the regular component as it complements the Army’s operational requirement in times of war and emergencies.

In behalf of the newly commissioned officers, Lt. Col. Gacthalian said in his remarks, “we can demonstrate our love for country by working abroad and sending money back home, do business to lift-up our economy and by working in the government to serve our people. In my case, it is by wearing the Army uniform itself which is truly an honor and opportunity. This is worthy because it represents sacrifices and willingness to offer our life beyond the call of duty, for my family, country and people.”

Lt. Gen. Alberto on the other hand warmly welcomed the newly commissioned Reserve Officers who represent a cross-section of the society. He said that “as we sustain our momentum under the Army Transformation Roadmap, we enjoin our newly commissioned Reserve Officers to live-up to the oath they have taken and the responsibility of the rank they now carry. I expect you to embolden our core values of Honor, Patriotism and Duty.” ARMY