Army displays mock up unit of BrahMos missile system

The Philippine Army is displaying a mock-up unit of the BrahMos land-based anti-ship missile for its two-day Philippine Army Technology Day 2019. This happens as the Army eyes to acquire land-based missile system.

MaxDefense Philippines has exclusively shared several photos of the said mock-up unit.

“The Philippine Army has brought out a mock-up of the BrahMos land-based anti-ship missile on a “modified” Mobile Firing Unit using the Philippine Army’s existing Kia KM500 tractor head and trailer,” MaxDefense said.

In preparation for the acquisition of land-based missile system, the Army activated the 1st Land-based Missile System Battery (1LBMS Btry) under Army Artillery Regiment (AAR) in October.

Also in October, Army officials visited Indian Navy Ship Sahyadri docked at Pier 15 South Harbor, Manila.

Part of the tour and briefing was a discussion about India’s BrahMos missile system that can be launched from ship, aircraft, submarine or land.

“The Philippine Army is interested in acquiring this type of missile as it will strengthen our coastal defense operations,” said Army Spokesperson Lt. Col. Ramon P. Zagala in October.