Army commemorates 68th Battle of Yuldong anniversary

The Philippine Army commemorated the 68th Battle of Yuldong anniversary in a wreath-laying ceremony held at the Korean War Memorial Pylon, Libingan ng mga Bayani, on Tuesday, April 23, 2019.

Members of Philippine Veterans Affairs Office (PVAO) and Philippine Expeditionary Force to Korea Veterans Association, Inc. (PVAI) and other stakeholders gathered to remember and celebrate the bravery of the Filipino troops who fought during the Korean War in 1950.

The Battle of Yuldong transpired in 1951 wherein the 10th Battalion Combat Team (BCT), PEFTOK along with the 20th, 19th, 14th and 2nd BCT impeded the attacks of the Chinese communists and North Korean soldiers.

Although trapped at the North of Yeoncheon, particularly in the Yuldong area, the Filipino soldiers continued to fire their rifles, machine guns, mortars and howitzers until the enemy soldiers’ assaults were obstructed. Five hundred casualties were reported and two were captured from the enemy. PEFTOK’s 10th BCT conquered the Chinese communists and turned the advantage of the Korean War towards the United Nations forces.

Despite being out numbered, the 900 Filipino soldiers stood their ground against the attacks of nearly 40,000 combined Chinese and the North Korean People’s Army from April 22 to 23.

One of the heroes, Capt. Conrado Yap led a force composed of 29 men to rescue those who were wounded, disregarding his superior’s command to disengage. Just as they were searching for the last missing trooper, he was unfortunately hit by machine-gun fire. Yap was one of the 12 men who perished that day.

For his bravery, he was awarded the Medal of Valor, the country’s highest award for heroism, and the Distinguished Service Cross, the highest honor that can be given by the United States President to anyone other than a US citizen.

“The commemoration held today, is therefore a fitting tribute of a grateful nation to the brave soldiers and veterans of PEFTOK, and a testament of never forgetting their sacrifices. It is only right that we take inspiration from those worthy of admiration and veneration – our veterans, our national heroes,” said PVAO administrator, retired Lt. Gen. Ernesto G. Carolina. PHILIPPINE ARMY