Army Artillery Regiment holds Live Fire Exercise

Philippine Army Army Artillery Regiment (AAR) conducted its 3rd iteration of the Live Fire Exercise (LFX) August 8 and 9 at Fort Magsaysay military reservation area.

AAR photo

According to AAR, the goal was to enhance unit personnel’s competency and skills in elements of Gunnery Team and Fire Support Planning & Coordination.

The goal was also to incorporate other new capabilities in FA Operations such as Drone operations in Field Artillery Target Acquisition and Surveillance.

“The activity also enhanced the mission planning and staff coordination functions of the AAR staff officers,” AAR said.

AAR said that under its commander Colonel Romulo A Manuel JR various innovations in training were done for the first time in the said exercise.

“Scenario-based day & night firing regardless of the weather condition utilizing various ammunitions and fuzes were utilized to upgrade the skills of our troops to prepare them in real combat scenarios. The proper procedures in target registration and direct fire were also carried out,” AAR said.

“The King of Battle has once again raised the bar in training and the level of preparedness in the performance of various mission areas were also elevated to greater heights,” AAR noted.