Armed Forces holds airfield seizure, urban operations

Army, Air Force and Navy forces conducted airfield retake and Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) exercises on Monday, September 23 in Nueva Ecija as part of the ongoing Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Joint Exercise “DAGIT-PA” 03-2019.

AFP/ARMY photos

The mission of the scenario-based exercise was to retake the Fort Magsaysay Airfield and other encampments seized by enemy forces, and destroy their command and control and logistics facility in the area.

Special Operations Forces conducted military free fall from Philippine Air Force UH 1H helicopters and launched air assault following intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance operations.

A platoon of Army Reservists also took part of the activity being a formidable pool of forces that can be deployed in various operations such as territorial defense, counter-insurgency, and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief among others.

“The airfield retake exercise allows our forces to gain significant knowledge and develop special training techniques in joint air-to-land operations. This will also prepare us for any untoward incidents and potential enemy incursion in the future,” said Commodore Adeluis Bordado, Commander of AFPETDCOM and Exercise Director for DAGIT-PA.

After the airfield retake, joint ground forces operated to conduct MOUT at the Mega Drug Rehab Facility in Fort Magsaysay. This included CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive), Combat Engineering, Explosive Ordnance Disposal, and K-9 teams.

“The MOUT focused on urban close combat, search and breach, joint fires, and airspace operations. This exercise was an opportunity to train our troops in dealing with urban terrorism utilizing not only modern equipment but testing how effective our combat schemes are,” said Commodore Bordado.

More than 1,500 soldiers including reservists are participating in the ongoing AFP Joint Exercise “DAGIT-PA” 03-2019 which aims to develop joint sea, air and land operations. It was launched on September 16 and will end on September 27.

Among other activities under the joint exercise were the Air/Maritime Interdiction Operation in Palawan, Amphibious Landing in Zambales, and Combined Arms Live Fire Exercise in Tarlac.

These events focus on capabilities development in maritime security, military operations in urban terrain, and amphibious operations. ARMED FORCES OF THE PHILIPPINES