Armed Force chief gets Air Force Gold Wings

Outgoing Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief-of-Staff General Felimon Santos Jr. has gained his Philippine Air Force (PAF) Gold Wings.

The PAF Gold Wings was awarded to General Santos after his Champagne Flight using an FA-50PH. According to military, the traditional Champagne Flight is accorded to honor retiring AFP senior officers or flag ranks.

General Santos conducted the Champagne Flight as part of his farewell visit to PAF Air Defense Command, Basa Air Base, Pampanga on July 29.

After his visit to Basa Air Base, General Santos also visited the 7th Infantry Division where he used to serve as the Commander of the 703rd Infantry Brigade. 

General Santos is retiring on August 3 and will transfer the AFP leadership to Philippine Army commanding general Lieutenant General Gilbert I. Gapay.