Air Force guided rockets to be delivered soon

The Philippine Air Force (PAF) will be receiving Guided Advance Tactical Rockets (GATR) from Israeli company Elbit Systems.

According to MaxDefense Philippines, delivery is expected to happen approximately one year from signing of contract which transpired early 2019 which is a test buy.

MaxDefense said it “received confirmation that a contract was signed in early 2019 worth around Php156.785 million (around US$3 million), with deliveries expected to happen in around a year’s time or less.”

“An initial buy involving a few launchers and munitions to equip the PAF’s AgustaWestland AW109E Power armed helicopters was planned, which will allow the PAF to conduct its own evaluations of the system prior to deciding on purchasing in larger numbers,” MaxDefense said.

More information available at MaxDefense website: