Air Combat Command tests surface strike, special ops capabilities

The Philippine Air Force (PAF)’s Air Combat Command (ACC) conducted simulation exercise (SIMEX) dubbed as “Sanay Punglo 01-2021″ on February 11.

The exercise aimed to test the command’s capabilities on surface strike and close-quarters battle (CQB).

ACC said that the first part of the activity utilized the air capability of MD500 Defender (520MG) at Muti Cogon Hills, Barangay Muti, Zamboanga City.

The second part was the CQB performed by 723rd Special Operations Squadron at Barangay Cabatangan Firing Range, Zamboanga City.

ACC, which was activated June 2020, has under its command and control the 15th Strike Wing and 710th Special Operations Wing.

“As a new Functional Command, this simulation exercise integrates the capabilities on Surface Strike and Special Operations which aims to validate Doctrines and TTPs, analyze Lessons Learned from past operations, evaluate the response time, operational readiness and precision, and further enhance the proficiency of ACC Unit in terms of Battlefield Air Interdiction (BAI), Suppression of Enemy Air Defense (SEAD), Close Air Support (CAS), Combat Air Control (CAC) and Close Quarter Battle (CQB),” ACC said.