AFP ‘will never forget’ how PNoy advocated strengthening of defense, security

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) said in a statement that it will never forget how former President Benigno S. Aquino III “advocated the strengthening of our defense and security capabilities to support national development and defend our country against all threats.”

“During his term, Republic Act No. 10349 was enacted to revitalize our slow-paced AFP modernization program. As Commander-in-Chief, he recognized the importance of equipping our military to better respond to the evolving domestic and regional security challenges,” the AFP said in a statement, delivered by AFP chief General Cirilito Sobejana.

“With the advent of the Internal Peace and Security Plan-Bayanihan, he encouraged us to adopt an inclusive approach towards security, where every Filipino is a stakeholder in the quest to achieve just and lasting peace. It opened up space for people’s participation in making our country and our future safer and more peaceful,” the AFP added.

“Alongside this, we honor and recognize the support and encouragement he had given us as we began our journey towards genuine transformation in our organization. This transformation paved the way for the professionalization of our troops and the inculcation of critical ethos such as accountability, transparency, and respect for human rights that we hold and value dearly today,” it added.

“To this, we give our Former President and Commander in Chief our snappiest salute and our pledge to continue to perform our mandate. The banner of your legacy will continue to fly on the hallowed grounds of our camps anywhere in the country,” it said.