AFP capability upgrade geared on establishing military presence all over PHL territory

Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief-of-Staff General Gilbert Gapay said on September 2 during his confirmation hearing before the Commission on Appointments that the goal of AFP capability upgrade is to establish military presence all over Philippine territory for defensive posturing.

“Mr. Chair, your honor, our national defense strategy is anchored on the basic policies enshrined in our Constitution, it renounce war. That is why all our capabilities are geared towards the defense of the territory in our country,” the AFP chief said.

“As far as capability development is concerned – our objective is to achieve capability that would establish military presence all over our territory. Because after military presence is military control which is bordering already on an offensive capability towards external aggressors,” he explained.

“So our capability upgrade would be geared towards protecting our territory, more on defensive posture. So that’s why with that the principle of deterrence would be there,” General Gapay said.