80-seater aircraft seized by Customs, may soon be auctioned

An 80-seater aircraft was ordered forfeited by Bureau of Customs (BOC) – Port of Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) after its owner, Magnum Air, Inc. operating as SkyJet Airlines, failed to pay customs duties and taxes from the time of its importation.

The aircraft, parked at General Aviation Area of NAIA, was inspected by Customs Commissioner Isidro Lapena and NAIA District Collector Carmelita Talusan on July 16.

“Presently, the aircraft is forfeited in favor of the government after finding that its importation was attended with fraud and for being used in commercial flights since its importation without payment of customs duties and taxes,” Commissioner Lapena said.

According to BOC, the aircraft was first alerted on March 29, 2017 by Collector Talusan as then District Collector of Port of Subic and requested for a Letter of Authority to demand proof of payment of duties and taxes as no record of any import entry or warehousing entry was filed by the owners.

BOC said the aircraft has violated Sections 224 (Power to Inspect and Visit), 400 (Goods to be Imported through Customs Office), 401 (Importation Subject to Goods Declaration), and 405 (Liability of Importer for Duties and Taxes) in relation to Section 1113 (Property Subject to Seizure and Forfeiture) of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act.

Forfeited aircraft is estimated to be worth P583.58 million. Magnum Air is liable to pay to the Bureau of Customs an estimated of P90.514 million for the aircraft customs duties and taxes excluded of penalties and charges.

BOC said Magnum Air already filed an appeal against the forfeiture order of the Port of NAIA. It is now pending hearing at the Legal Service.

BOC added that upon finality of the Order of Forfeiture, the Port of NAIA will proceed with the public auction of aircraft.

Source: http://customs.gov.ph/boc-naia-forfeits-80-seater-aircraft/