6 Abu Sayyaf terrorists surrender in Sulu

A total of six Abu Sayyaf terrorists have surrendered to Armed Force of the Philippines (AFP) Joint Task Force-Sulu in the past days.

The first three surrendered to 2nd Special Forces Battalion of Philippine Army, Special Operations Command on January 21, while the second three surrendered to Philippine Marine Ready Force–Sulu. Both units are operating under JTF-Sulu.

“The first three surrendered to the 2nd Special Forces Battalion last January 21 while the other three surrendered to Philippine Marine Ready Force – Sulu today,” JTF-Sulu said.

JTF-Sulu photo

JTF-Sulu added that terrorists Makdar Jikiri Taron aka Mac; Tarun Uhad Ismael; Reymal Abe Majan aka Eting; Kadra Arajun Sawadjaan; Alnajar Arajun Sawadjaan; and, Sherul Arad Sahiyul yielded with two M16 rifles, two M1 Garand rifles, one M79 grenade launcher and one caliber .45 pistol.

JTF-Sulu photo

“They shall undergo medical examination at the station hospital, here and custodial debriefing in preparation for their reintegration into the society. They shall also be qualified to avail the comprehensive psycho-social reintegration package should the program be launched next month as scheduled,” it added.

JTF-Sulu commander Brigadier General Cirilito E. Sobejana said with the current efforts of government forces he is “very optimistic that more and more ASG members will be neutralized.”

“They may be either captured or killed in combat or simply surrender bringing along their firearms and avail of the reintegration program,” he said. “We are urging peace-loving Tausugs to continuously support us in our campaign to end terrorism here in Sulu. Let us work hand-in-hand towards peace so that we can maximize the potential of this province for tourism that shall create employment opportunities for the people here.”

Source: https://www.facebook.com/JTFsulu/posts/833323183521707