5 states in proposed PH federal charter

The territory of the future Federal Republic of the Philippines will be divided into five states, according to a draft federal charter proposed by a subcommittee in the House of Representatives.

This was among the inputs presented on Tuesday during the deliberation of the House committee on constitutional amendments on the salient features of the proposed draft Constitution.

The five states will be composed of Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, Bangsamoro, and Metro Manila.

Under the proposal, each state shall have its own State Constitution, adopt its name, and choose a capital, flag, anthem, and seal.

Each state shall have a unicameral state assembly with legislative powers, and a premiere exercising executive powers.

As provided in the State and Local Government Code, there shall be an equalization fund which shall comprise an unconditional, general purpose block grant and conditional and matching grants as an incentive for state governments.

State governments shall be entitled to at least 50 percent of the proceeds of the utilization and development of the national wealth including sharing the same with the inhabitants by way of direct benefits.

The proposed Federal charter retains the position of the President, who would act as head of state, and introduces the position of a Prime Minister, who would be the head of the government.

The President shall be elected by direct vote of the people for a term of five years with 1 re-election, while the Prime Minister shall be elected by a majority of all the members of the Parliament from among themselves.

The proposed Parliament shall consist of the Federal Assembly as the national legislative department, and the Senate, as the legislative body representative of the regions.

These proposals are still subject to further deliberation during the Constituent Assembly proper. PNA