4 Navy officers complete combat information center operations course in US

Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG) Lloyd C. Rosete, LTJG Johnny D. Marohomsar III, and LTJG Roilan S. Seno from the Offshore Combat Force (OCF), and LTJG Markevin M. Adan from the Littoral Combat Force (LCF) have completed the International Combat Information Center Watch Officer Course at the International Surface Warfare Officers School, Naval Station Newport, Rhode Island, United States.

The completion ceremony was held on August 6, 2021.

“The class was composed of 10 international students coming from Saudi Arabia (3), Romania (1), Mexico (1), Turkey (1), and the Philippines (4). Notably, all four Philippine student officers topped the course and ranked one to four of the graduating class,” the OCF said.

The course objective was to provide International Officers (O-1 to O-2) with training in basic Combat Information Center (CIC) operations during routine peacetime steaming. The course put emphasis on multi-threat warfare areas, CIC equipment, special maneuvering, and CIC navigation. Upon completion, it is expected that the student is prepared to plan, coordinate, and manage the supervision of all CIC operations and training during routine peacetime steaming.