284 rookie cops take oath as SAF members

A total of 284 police recruits on Tuesday took their oath as new members of the Philippine National Police- Special Action Force (PNP-SAF).

PNP-SAF director, Chief Supt. Amando Empiso administered the mass oath-taking of SAF recruit Class 2019-01, composed of 112 males and 172 females, in a simple ceremony held at the SAF headquarters in Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig City.

“The oath should not be taken lightly because you are bounded by it your entire life as a police officer especially if you are a member of SAF is not easy. I hope you understand what you’re getting into you will be encountering and experiencing things that you have not probably experienced before and I assure you things will be very difficult and it will test your limits character and personality,” Empiso told the new recruits.

He called on the new recruits to manifest courage and discipline as members of the PNP’s elite force.

“You must bear in mind that members of this unit are ready to give the ultimate sacrifice needed and that has been proven time and again. To our recruits this is the life that you choose it’s not risk free, nor is it always easy, but in my humble opinion it has always been life worth living,” he added.

The 284 SAF recruits will undergo six to eight months training in Fort Santo Domingo, Sta. Rosa Laguna and at the new training facility in Batangas. PNA