21 New lieutenants volunteer for Marine Corps

Twenty one newly reported lieutenants join the ranks of the Philippine Marine Corps as the Opening Ceremony of Marine Officer Basic Course (MOBC) Class 42 was held at Marine Corps Force Development Center (MCFDC) Audio Visual Room this morning, 14 August 2019.

The volunteers, coming from the Philippine Military Academy Class of 2019 and Naval Officers Candidate Course Class 31, will undergo the six-month duration training to become full-blooded Marines.

Subjecting them under rigorous mental and physical training, graduates will be armed with the knowledge and skill necessary in the performance of their duties and responsibilities as Marine Officers, representing the best in soldiery.

In a speech delivered by the Acting Superintendent, MCFDC COL JONATHAN C GABOR PN(M)(GSC), he reminded the volunteers to remain firm as they face greater responsibilities, challenging them to be excellent in their role as young leaders of the Marine Corps for the welfare of the Filipino people.
MOBC is a required course for volunteer Naval Officers.

It will prepare them to become Platoon and Company Commanders of the different Marine Battalions. Upon graduation, these Marine Officers will be assigned in the critical areas where Marines are deployed. PHILIPPINE MARINE CORPS