2 US aircraft carriers celebrate 4th of July in South China Sea


The United States Navy’s Nimitz Carrier Strike Group (CSG 11) and Ronald Reagan Carrier Strike Group (CSG 5), in dual carrier operations as Nimitz Carrier Strike Force, have celebrated the Untied States’ Independence Day, July 4, 2020, in South China Sea.

“The Nimitz Carrier Strike Force celebrated Independence Day with unmatched sea power while deployed to the South China Sea conducting dual carrier operations and exercises in support of a free and open Indo-Pacific,” said US Navy Task Force 70/Carrier Strike Group 5.

“High-end integrated exercises build unmatched flexibility, endurance, maneuverability, and firepower in an all-domain warfighting environment. These efforts support enduring U.S. commitments to stand up for the right of all nations to fly, sail, and operate wherever international law allows,” it added.

The carrier strike force, which started operations on June 28 in Philippine Sea, has conducted several tactical exercises designed to maximize air defense capabilities, and extend the reach of long range precision maritime strikes from carrier-based aircraft in a rapidly evolving area of operations.

“Doing the basic skills well, like efficient aircraft launch and recovery, is the foundation of all our tactics,” said Cmdr. Stanton Hanley, air operations officer, USS Ronald Reagan. “Maintaining our high operational tempo provides the training and repetitions necessary to ensure we can launch large scale strikes as a matter of routine.”