2 C-130s transport former NPAs to meet Duterte in Malacañang

241 Former NPA members were transported today by 2 Philippine Air Force (PAF) C-130 aircraft from Davao City International Airport to Manila for their scheduled meeting President Rodrigo Duterte in Malacañang, Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Eastern Mindanao Command (EASTMINCOM) said.

Meeting with the President is scheduled on

This is the second batch of former rebels (FRs) to dine with President Duterte. The first batch was accommodated on February 7.


“The activity aims to give the FRs a better perspective in life, particularly in peacebuilding and nationalism. It is part of the government’s continuing activity of reintegrating the former rebels in the mainstream society,” EASTMINCOM said.

“Part of their tour will be a historical and heritage trip to Luneta Park and Intramuros while a welcome ceremony will be held on Wednesday, February 21, 2018, at Camp Aguinaldo to be hosted by General Rey Leonardo Guerrero, AFP Chief of Staff,” the military command said.

“Prior to their dinner with the President, they will also get a chance to interact with other former NPA members who now work as advocates of peace and development,” it added.

A third batch will follow based on schedule prescribed by Appointments Office of the President.

“We are committed and more than willing to accommodate NPAs who want to return to the folds of the law and take part in building a nation of peace for progress and development. The programs lined up for the 683 FRs and the community programs being implemented in the different communities are manifestations of the social economic reforms being implemented by the government,” EASTMINCOM commander Lieutenant General Benjamin R. Madrigal Jr. said.

Source: http://www.eastmincomafp.com.ph/2018/02/more-frs-set-to-dine-with-prrd.html