120 Candidates begin rigorous Marine training

A total of 120 new candidates were inducted for the Marine Basic Course on August 15 at Bonifacio Naval Station Grandstand, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City.

Philippine Marine Corps photo

After the induction ceremony, the candidates undergo the traditional reception rites.

According to Philippine Marine Corps, the aspiring Marines will undergo a rigorous six-month training to become one of the elites, arming them with knowledge, necessary military skills and professional competence the Marines are well known for.

Their training is taking place at Marine Base Gregorio Lim, Ternate, Cavite.

“I am sure that your family and relatives are proud of you for what you have been through and for what you opt to do as volunteers. So, never fail them and never return home without earning the title “Marines”,” PMC commandant Major General Alvin Parreño.

“Your Marine Basic Course is designed to develop your skills and abilities physically, mentally, morally and professionally. Expect that it will be hard and it will test your character and attitude in order for you to not just earn the title of being a Marine but also make the “Marines” as your way of life,” he added.