12 Chinese medical experts arriving in PHL this weekend


“At the request of the Philippine government, the Chinese government will send a medical expert team which will arrive in Manila this weekend to assist the Philippine side in dealing with the COVID-19, providing technical guidance and experience sharing in epidemic prevention and control, implementation of public health policies, medical treatment, etc,” the Chinese Embassy in Manila said April 2.

“The medical expert team consists of 12 experts from the First Affiliated Hospital of Fujian Medical University, Fujian Provincial Hospital, Fujian People’s Hospital Affiliated to Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Fujian Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention (FPCDCP),” the Chinese embassy said.

It noted that “they are good at both traditional Chinese and Western medicine, involving COVID-19 treatment, testing, disease control and other aspects, and will practically share the “China experience” in the fight against COVID-19.”