118 NPA terrorist supporters pledge loyalty to government

A total of 118 Milisyang Bayan and NPA terrorist supporters have pledged allegiance to the Philippine government during a ceremony in Barangay Bulonay, Impasugong, Bukidnon on July 5.

4th Infantry Division photo

The former supporters of NPA also held a dialogue with local government of Impasugong to discuss solutions to the issues present in their communities.

“Our Community Support Program (CSP) teams, found out that there are Milisyang Bayan and NPA terrorist supporters in the area. Through dialogues like this, communities will know what the programs are and how the government can address the issues that are causing the recruitment of NPA terrorists in the hinterlands.” 8th Infantry Battalion (8IB) commander Lieutenant Colonel Ronald Illana said.

4th Infantry Division commander Major General Ronald Villanueva said the shift of support from NPA terrorists to the government by the community of Impasugong, Bukidnon proves that the residents have already realized that there are solutions to the issues and that there is a government that looks after them.

“I urge these residents, not to be used again by the NPA terrorists and be deceived by their failed armed struggle,” he said.

“All the NPA do is find issues that will make residents angry with the government and later on recruit members of your community. If you know someone that is still with the NPA terrorists, let them know that the government has a program for regular NPA who wish to abandon their armed struggle and be a productive member of the society,” Major General Villanueva said.

4th Infantry Division photo

Source: http://www.eastmincomafp.com.ph/2018/07/npa-supporters-swear-allegiance-to-govt.html