1.1-M votes for senators nullified due to overvoting

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) on Thursday said they were not negligent in reminding voters not to overvote in the recently-concluded mid-term elections.

Comelec spokesman James Jimenez made this remark reacting to an online report claiming there were at least 1,170,331 ballots with overvotes for the Senator position.

He explained that these votes were nullified as vote counting machines (VCMs) are configured not to count them.

“If it’s true that there are over a million overvotes, then it’s a million votes not counted. Haven’t we said again and again, if you overvote, it will not be counted. I would not say wasted. I would say forfeited,” Jimenez said in an interview.

In Monday’s polls, a voter should only vote for 12 candidates.

But, Jimenez said they have no data on the report that there were more than 1 million overvotes that were recorded in last Monday’s polls.

“We don’t have such data yet. But we will look into what their source documents are,” he added. PNA